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Help with networking
So, today, it was another day of where i start all my 4 servers with 4 different ports, 27015, 27016, 27017, 27018.
All is good, yeah yeah...
And I was worried about my dynamic IP.
So, then I went to get a software that configurates the network for a dynamic IP.
But something was wrong...
After i accepted the changes, I looked at servers, and all of players had a *No steam logon*.
I joined with my new ip.
Was fine, but no players.
I invited my friend to my server.
But, here is where the bad comes.
I told him my IP, and port.
But, he couldn't connect!
I then opened my web and go to
I placed the port 27015, and said it could not see if my port is open.
Reason : Connection timed out.
Normally, it says it can connect or sometimes cannot because of a reason, but players still could come.
Then, I went to my router again, disabled and enabled my ports.
Rebooted, disabled and enabled ports again. No luck.
I changed the non working static ip back to dynamic ip.
I repeated all did, with the port.
Went again back to
And again, no luck.

Do I have to restart computer, or what?

Also, if the stupid computer settings is needed, althought i am talking about network, here it is.
server os= win7 ultimate 64
CPU= intel i5 2.80 GHZ
8 GB ram
game= Tf2
startup commands = -console -game tf -maxplayers 32 +fps_max 200 -port 27015 +map achievement_pyro_final -tickrate 66 +rcon_password XXXX +Hostname "Hell Alliance Achievement 1"
router= QUBS 54M Wireless broadband router Model QA705401WG
OLD internal ip
new broken internal ip=
external ip=
well, I don't how how to get a port photo, but here is what i type, so i dont have to type it all.
27000-27050 ALL
Hello everybody.
A very instant upgrade.
I just modified the virtual servers' ip address to the new one.
The canyouseeme says connection refused again, hope the servers work again.
The program that made all those programs is one from
Portforward setup static ip address
Thank you alot, portforward.
I see I have no DHCP anymore.
Is that something important in my server hosting?
Please, help Sad
However, when I look in my router, i see i got DHCP enabled.
Ok, I just did a restart, removed the bad port thing, and re-did all of them how steams says.
Now it says success, I can see your port is open. (27015)
Edit: Yet, seems like when i try port 27016, 27017, 27018, they refuse to connect.
Repeat: I have 4 dedicated servers with 4 different ports.
Any solution for this?
Last edit:I started all my servers, looked at the port checker, and it said success.
Problem resolved byself.
Admin, close this useless thread.

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