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Hi im trying to setup a cs source ded server on another machine i have here which is behind my router .The server starts up fine says its connected to steam ok ,i can connect to it via lan search but my friend cannot via the net.The problem being that it doesnt show on the net list and we dont know the servers port number.When he sets his server up on his spare machine which is connected to the net via a crossover cable through his pc and not a router it shows on the net fine , when we get the server info up it has a port number ranging from 6000 up changing every time a starts a new server.Is there a way of finding my server port number so he can connect to my server via ip search and not use net search.I have set a ded server on my machine and that does not show on the net but i know the ip and port as it is the default 27015,so when get puts my ip and port in his favs it then allows him to connect.But obviously i can then not play.Sorry for the long winded post but the question still remains how do i find the server port number on the other machine so i can give it to me mate.I have followed all the other posts regarding port forwarding etc and even tried dmz to no avail .i believe if i knew the port number it would work.
thz for reading and i hope it made sense to you all.
alright, first.. that was way to confusingly written for me to read when i first wake up Big Grin but i think i got it.

so at your house the server is behind a router, and internet people can't connect, be sure that you give them the right ip, it won't be the lan ip, it will be the ip that gives ya. and unless you have a goofey router that changes the ports, then the port should remain 27015. what router do you have?
Hi Just to fill in the blanks in this. It's bit long winded but it will cover the topic.

Me and Hitty play a bit of CSS and use a dedicated server as we have issues running a server within the game itself. Hitty has a two pc's networked through his main PC with shared but direct internet access. He can set up a dedicated server on the second pc. The server set up with the internal IP (192.168....etc) + port 27015. He can play on this as via the LAN tab and I can see the server via the Internet, though the IP is his external (80.34.... etc) + a port value of around 63000-64000. Each time the server is set up this port number changes, but it works - however due to the changing port value I have to search for the server each time and not add it as a favourite. The problem we have is if I try to set up a server on my network, I have a 4 pc's via a Linksys wireless router, though the PC I use for the server has a wired connection to the router. I set up the server and set the messaged about it being connected to steam along with it beng VAC secured. As with Hitty the local (internal) IP is 192.198.1...:27015) and I can see it on the LAN but it does not seem to be visible in the server lists. I know what my WAN IP (which I verified with but as the server is not listed we do not know port. I have port forwarded the ports required and even placed the dedicated server PC in the DMZ but still the server is nor found. We both also created dedicated servers on our main PC's using the steam GUI. Both servers were created with our WAN IPs + port 27015, however where Hitty's server was visible on the server list, mine was not BUT he could connect to my server!!!!! with via the IP address.

So it would seem that the server is there but not visible on the Steam server list and since we cannot determine the port number issued via the router we cannot connect via the IP.

So either :

a] how can we make steam see the router or
b] how can we determine the port accolcated the WAN IP?

Sorry to the verbal abuse but I hope I can provide enough detail to get a reliable answer

Your help would be very much appreciated

Kind Regards


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