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Can't delete SourceRPG database
Hey. I really need to delete the database.. I mean make everyone lvl 1 again and with 0 exp.

I tried doing it via rpg_admin while on the server, but nothing really happend. When I clicked yes after the warning the window closed and nothing happend. I tried restarting too.

If anyone know how to do this in some other way or if something is wrong with my rpg_admin that would be great Smile

the last thing I wanne do is re-install SourceRPG..
I've never used SourceRPG but here is some information I dug up from eventscript's forums.

This is the main command to give you access to the menu.

    Online/Offline Players
        Add Xp
        Add Credits
        Add Levels
        Force a player to upgrade a skill
        Force a player to downgrade a skill
        Reset a players info
        See detailed stats about a player where you can delete/add xp/add levels/add credits etc
        Force a player to max every one of their skills.
    Reset The Database
    Enable/Disable skills from the game

Quote:The admin commands are controlled by Auth Provider, so make sure you have that installed.

The auth provider power is "sourcerpg_admin", so using group based permissions will require you to authorize using said power.
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nothing I need there. sorry :/

anyone else know how? how about deleting players.sqldb
Hm.. A simple SQL-query would do it, i can't remember any of the commands in sql tho.

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