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Help with setting up DS, making accessible from internet
I have a 3Mbps cable connection and Belkin router. I install and run SrcDS on my computer, whose IP is on the network. Because I use a Wireless to Ethernet bridge, I can also use, which is the bridge's second IP, which is pingable. I then forward port 27018 to 27018 in the router, so that, theoretically, I am able to connect to the server on 27018 from my external IP, which we'll say is 123.456.789.123. When I try to connect to, the server allows the connection. When I try to connect to, it doesn't allow it, and when I try to connect to 123.456.789.123, it doesn't either (I use :27018 at the end of the IP addresses).

I then tried using the -ip switch in the launch options to set it to 123.456.789.123, and that didn't work, nor did the 123.456.789.123:27018 that I tried later. I also tried doing "ip 123.456.789.123:27018" and "ip 123.456.789.123" in the console, to no avail.

Does anybody have any ideas? It seems that the server will not accept connections that point to an IP address anywhere other than what the server detects.
alright, well you will not be able to connect to the external ip from the internal lan. you being on the same lan will have to connect to the ip of the computer itself hosting the server. not the ip of the bridge. so really.. if all the ports are forwarded right, and you can connect with the internal ip of the computer, then everything should work right. others will have to connect to the external ip though, you will not be able to
Damn, you're a genius!

Thanks man. For some reason I can't connect to the external IP, but others can. Thanks!

*curses crappy router*
Mo Jiggity Wrote:Damn, you're a genius!

hehe i wish. but yea, most routers are like that. maybe like a really expensive cisco router or something would allow it, but yea. not everyone can afford that.. i know i can't =)
My last two Netgear routers allowed it. I mean, why would you block connections from inside your network to your external IP? It makes no sense.
its not that it blocks it.. its just that a lot of routers get confused when they see that signal go out, and come right back in, usually its not a big deal, but with the server theres soo much constant traffic, the router will just drop it, or the router could crash. some better routers though can handle it. i don't know exactly how to explain it.. but that i think, is about the best i can.

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