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Problem with my css server

I have completed everything and my server works fine but I got 1 small problem.

my friends cant join by invite or something

also if someone is doing server info on right clicking a friend and see what server IP he has... then he see my gateway IP and thats the problem why peaple cannot join on invite...

they can join if I go to internet and typ whatismyip if you understand what I mean.. that IP they can join

now the thing I want to know is how to change it that peaple can join by invite...

how can I fix this
Easy answer: Not possible through steam.

Hard answer: From what I've read you can setup a NAT loopback on your router and connect to your server using your "external" IP address so it shows it in your friends list but thats not easy to do nor the scope of SRCDS.
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You can't fix this but check and register a name like and you're done (they won't forget)...
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