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Fake players to test cpu
Hi, got a question, when I allways test my servers I ask people to connect to them so I can measure fps stability and cpu usage.

Sometimes its not easy to gather people at late hours in the night like now, and I was wondering, is it possible to fake client-usage so the server works for that amount of players?

For example, first I thought of connecting 10 steamaccounts with tf2 (due to it been free) and then test with that, but im sure there has to be an other way.

Also, incase i have to use what I explained before, do css and tf2 servers work the same? I think the do because its the same srcds, but im not sure if there are differences because most server-commands are the same and the process is the same.
some time ago there was a cvar sv_stressbots, which made bots using the netengine at least in parts. but still bots would use the cpu in a very different way, so results cannot be compared. also afaik tf2 has no bots, so...

faking only some clients will not test anything, you will need some realistic game play to do tests! so if you would connect with 20 pcs and 20 steam accounts on the server but have nobody playing at those pcs, you will not test anything real either! (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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TF2 does bots and they do put a load on the CPU, but I don't know if that's the testing you're looking for. Do a cvarlist tf_bot to see the list of commands. The bot enabled maps have file with a .nav extension. There isn't a command like in CSS to load in bots. The sv_stressbots is unavailable however. I'm running a 12 slot with 8 to 10 bots and there is no appreciable performance hit. When real players get on, that's were I see a difference in quality of play and I atribute that to my internet connection.

ok then I was mistaken there. but still, bots completely bypass all aspects of the net engine (they do no lag compensation etc.), and even if they would use it they are no real test as they are not connected with some internet connection. there is no alternative to a test with real human players. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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