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Downloading through http
I just had this working not too long ago. Not sure what the problem is. I am running FC4, and Apache for my web server. is the directory i use on my webserver. People can't download for some reason. If you look in that active directory, they are all bz2, and that is an exact copy of directory when it was working. I just reloaded my css server, not the linux server itself. Here are the commands I set:

sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
[EDIT] sv_downloadurl ""

for some reason no one can download. the directory structure is setup correctly and users have permission to go to my website. Also when I am in game, and set sv_download "" then it does download directly from the server (just slowly of course). So downloading is working, just not through that site for some reason. What is the problem? Thanks
I am not exactly sure, but I believe the command is

sv_downloadurl and not sv_download

That may be the problem, but I haven't used the command before.

hi, you are correct that was simply a misprint on my part in this post, i have always used sv_downloadurl and it did not work. my bad Smile
just a guess but from what i've read, doesn't the base folder need to be "cstrike"?

Quote:sv_downloadurl ""

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