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Server lag
ok i just started counter strike source like 9 days ago or so. i dicided to see what the server thing was all about. so i checked around this website and figured how to make one. It shows up on the internet servers, and the lan servers. When i join the server it lags countinuoly when i move. it will pause in go back in time 1 or 2 seconds ago. i dont lag at all......ever!!!!! lol. i got high speed cable and 1024 ram i dont think its my computer i just got a new grapichs card and stuff. but how can i make it so it dousnt lag or throw me back in time as you would say? i've attached my server.cfg file....some personal changes have been made. ive saved it as a text document instead of a cfg file in the attachment. when i go start-run i type in c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 8 -autoupdate
and when it shows the consule menu when i hit ok it says around 65 frames per sec. i dont think that is good. what can i get or do to increase my performence thank you.

didnt mean to double post didnt know why it did it.....

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are you running the server on the same pc as your playing? and internet doesn't really matter about your lag if ur on the same local network. memory usually isn't the limiting factor. and graphics most definatly don't matter in terms of a server. usually its the cpu that kills it. i would say that if your runnin on the same computer as your playing, then your computer just dont like runnin the server as well as the game itself. to fix this.. put the server on another computer Big Grin.. anyways.. what are your cpu specs? you may be able to squeeze it out of the same computer if your cpu is decent, and if you optimize some.
thanx but i figured it out yesterday i just opened up task manager and put the server to the realtime setting it ran perfect. it only has a .1 sec lag when you shoot the firt time.
Also add min- and maxrates to the server.cfg

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