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Warning: Table downloadables is full, can't add....
My resources.lua file works, but I have about 14,000 files in the redirect and I believe there is a limit to the amount of files that can be downloaded with FastDownload, so to test if it works, I joined the server after deleting all of my addons in the client, when joining I am brought to the download page which downloads 8,000 files (not the 14,000 that I have uploaded) so after waiting this out, nothing is working and it appears lua is not configured correctly. I know that when you make changes to the server, the lua file is to be uploaded onto the redirect, but after reviewing srcds it appears:

Compressing lua files into data pack..
Skipped. Datapack exists.
Warning: Table downloadables is full, can't add cache/df6ed7162ed06234204bbb674f035dbf.dua

The console gets a gigantic amount of spam from files not being added to the downloadables, because of the table downloadables being full, and I suppose the lua files are added to this table, but in this case, the table is too full for lua files.

So, is my only option to have less downloads? Is this really a limit? The only thing I have on my server is Wiremod, Spacebuild Pack, maybe 10 tools, Fun Gun, Knife, and Nuke pack, and a few small things here and there.

This sucks if there really is a limit Sad. I've googled this but it appears that I am one of the few with this problem. I hope there is an alternative.


Try to delete the thing in the /cache dir?
I've deleted it in both the server and client folders.
I am having the same problem, but I only have like 5000 files, not the 12000 you have. And you said it downloads 8000.

Edit: Limit is 8192

The servers gets all of the materials, and a few models onto the table before I get spam.

I only have:
2534 Materials
2925 Models
5 Maps
24 sounds

Last time I checked, that doesn't add up to over 8192...

Edit again: I think it's trying to use the stuff from the source games gmod it getting stuff from, because one of the flyby's was "sound/weapons/scattergun_fire.wav"

Final edit: FIXED! I had some folders that are the same for the other source games (materials/weapons, materials/model/weapons, sound/weapons, etc), I set it up to manually add the files from those folders I needed, and it works!

-snip this part- Figured out it was madcows auto adding them

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