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Downloading Server sounds and Maps in TF2
So, I'm rather new in the whole making a server.
With a few tutorials((in fact one of them was a SRCDS tut.)) I figured out how to get one up and running.

My only problem seems to be the server not downloading maps or sounds. This is a private server for just me and my friends to have fun with, so it's not a serious server.

If anyone can help me figure out how to let the server download files onto their computer that would help greatly.
You need to drag the sounds, maps, etc into the server directory. Where the addons, maps and other folders are located.
So I did that and when I tried to connect to a map I got an error of " Missing MapnameX.bsp disconnecting"

Also my friends aren't hearing the sounds nor can connect to the maps. Am I doing something wrong?

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