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Bloom/HDR server side, cfg?
Srcds running on linux (slack) 32-bit, athlon64 X2 3,1ghz, 4gb ram.

Running just fine thanks to many people in here!

I really do not find Anything about it in here or i don't know what to search for... The thing is that when i play My server i have, to me way to much bloom effect and props compared to other servers, ex the Palm threes in de_dust2. My question is, how to get rid of bloom, props and kind of darken the maps? Point me in a direction here, Google is not My friend Toungue i play all servers with one specific client cfg, so thats not it.... I'm lost in the world of vars...

Cheers! /j
No theres not any options on the server-side OR client-side, you do HDR-rendering and tonemapping when you build/compile the map. Your problem would probably be some textures missing.
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