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Could'nt allocate any....
hello i just got my server downloaded and ready for action but then i joining it it says couldnt allocate ???? thats mean any server ip ports and something but thats done by some commands in the shortcut from srcds and not i can get more commands it says couldnt find any replay ip port pls help me with these commands
That made absolutely no sense. Please re-illiterate your statement and rewrite correctly so we can understand.
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Okay sorry Big Grin when i start my server and it says steam server connectet sussecfully. joining i the server but it just keep trying to connect and after 1min it says failed after 4 retries i have lan kable
It means it cannot allocate a port to run on. When you see "VAC connection to steam servers successful" or something like that it's up and running.
From the sounds of it your running the server and trying to join it on the same port. Both the game and the server cannot both use the default 27015 port. We normally suggest getting it hosted on another machine for stability and not having to work around reassigning ports for either the game or the server.
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I had the same issue (couldn't allocate any replay ip port), i fixed it by removing the +ip parameter, or replacing it with -ip.
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