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server full with fake cleint (no name)
i see this in my server

fake clent play in my server 14/24 but when i join the server i see just 3 player play
and some times i see my server full 24/24 and i cant join but my friend in the server he say to me is just 10 player in the server ?????????

like this photo
[Image: 1126464775.JPG]

so how remove him or how fix this problem
Reboot the server. Search around these forums and you'll find the solution. There is a problem with the masterservers i believe is causing this. I'd be happy to find the solution for ya, however, i'm on a mobile broadband with regular phone-internet (and no 3G) so its taking 10 seconds for each page to load so i cba atm.
Hes having issues with faking clients though ... at least from what I can understand.
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Add this temp fix to your server.cfg

//Temp fix ghost players
sv_master_legacy_mode 1
setmaster remove
setmaster remove
setmaster add
setmaster add
Fedt, det virker, men min Consol siger:
CreatFragmentFromFile: ´downloads/2adfc782.dat´ dosen't exist.

Det kommer den med 4 gange lige efter hinanden, og så kommer det igen meget hurtigt senere. noget der kan fikses ?
How can you make it Big Grin?? So it looks like your server is full but its not?
That's a stupid way to get your friends think your server is popular. Just sayin'

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