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How do I install a mod?
I've been looking everywhere for a tut, but I cant find any.
like what mod? like a game mod? a server mod, or plugin.. every one is different... and usually the site that you got the mod off of will have directions on how to install it.
Plugin for the source dedicated server. The mani plugin doesnt have any readme.
but if you read the documentation on the site it tells you how to =) thats everythingi you want to know about mani Big Grin

but really mani just extract it to the server directory, it should have all the folders in the right place and everything..
Plus mani works with many, many GAME mods too

Mani is a great tool and is eaiser to use than you think
So i'm just gonna put this into my garrys mod folder? I thought this was a plugin for the source dedicated server.
yes, it is a plugin the the server. and sure, i don't know anything about running a gmod server though.

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