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How many players can I have with this Internet Conection
My PC:

2x Intel Xeon 5506 2,13GHz

My Internet:
[Image: 1298626119.png]
[Image: 1275616445.png]

Note: I can increase my upload speed by decreasing download rating which is great.

My speed is 100Mbps, as you can see, so what can you tell me?

The game will be Counter Strike Source.
I need the total number of players and not only telling me I can have a 32slots server...

I would say 10 slots per 1 megabit. In that case, i would say 500 slots - for the internet connection.

The Xeon's isn't so powerful, i guess they would take about 150-200 slots each, so totally around 350-400 slots since you got dual cpu's. Of course it depends on the amount of plugins you will run, and which plugins you will run.
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