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FPS dropped by half with recent updates
After all the recent updates with the source servers, I find that where I used to get about 999 server-side FPS, now I only get about 465 max.

Has anyone else noticed issues like this? I have my fps_max set to 1600 on both the command-line and inside server.cfg. Yes, I have tried "0" also.

There have been no recent OS changes, so I can't see why this would happen.
Linux Gameserver connoisseur, SRCDS admin.
Well, according to this thread:

Srcds introduced some caps in FPS recently (lame), and likely are going to limit it to 66.7 very soon. GG Sad
Linux Gameserver connoisseur, SRCDS admin.
I love it. Now haters can just hate and flame VALVE for this. However, now everyone will know that the effect is just placebo (the 1000 fps omgwtf its smooth effect)

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