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CSS kernel realtime, gentoo
Hi all,

i got a new dedicated server from a sponsor running gentoo. "2.6.39-gentoo-r3" (clean installed)

Now i wanne run some css servers and i read that i need to set kernel to realtime for more fps.

I followed the readme in the signature of BehaartesEtwas.

i made: and chmodded it.

Only i don't have crontab. (kinda dummie to linux first time i work with it).
how do i do the next part?

FPS will be looked very soon. So going for high fps is pointless and a waste of your time.
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(07-21-2011, 06:03 PM)Terrorkarotte Wrote:  FPS will be looked very soon. So going for high fps is pointless and a waste of your time.

The 66.7 fps max?

I read about it just not sure why only 66.7 max and when is it getting locked?
In some update in the near future. It's getting locked because 66.67 really beats the crap out of 1000 fps. Haters gonna hate.

Edit: Do yum install crontab i guess.
Did you go through `make menuconfig` and setup the kernel options yourself or are you using Genkernel? You want to setup the kernel yourself; and make sure to set the "High Resolution Timer" to 1000hz (I think, been a while).
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I think you are mixing some things up:
2.6.39-gentoo-r3 is not a realtime kernel, so you cannot set the kernel to realtime. but that is not necessarily the best option anyway. your kernel might be perfectly fine (especially if it is already running with 100Hz and hrtimers enabled).

you probably want to set your game servers to realtime or fifo scheduling, that's what that is for. If you do not have a /etc/crontab file, install a cron daemon, e.g.:
emerge vixie-cron (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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