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I'm thinking of setting up a 24 slot DM server in CS:S.
Would a 25/5 (down/up) Mbit connection be able to handle it or not?
The hardware is not important. If it can't what is the max players i can host with the maximum quality. I already know that i can host 24 players without dm (i think... was told that in another post).
Also, please post the recommended maxrate,minrate,updaterate,cmdrate things.

Also, offtopic: Can i have a username change?
I'd imagine that you should be fine running just 24 slots. But it might start stressing your connection especially if you plan to do anything else on your home connection. I would think the standard 66 rates would be just fine as long as you don't plan on doing much else on the connection, but that's just my opinion.
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Well, i do plan playing on the connection (not on the same computer ofc) and maybe chat with a few friends via Skype. What about maxrate and minrate?
Just play with the rates, how often do you even think your server would get a full server anyway?
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For rates, I would suggest sv_minrate 12000 (keeps dialup users off), and sv_maxrate of 25000. Great overall rates. If you are experiencing choke/packet loss with higher players, play with the rates a bit. And as long as you don't download donkey porn or anything like that, youll be fine just "surfing" the net.
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Alright. Thanks a lot.

@CentralFrag i'd imagine it to be full atleast 2 hours a day, maybe more :p
Well even if you're uploading huge files etc., there's still QoS for that.

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