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New server not showing up in LAN list
Hi there. About a week and a half ago I built a brand new srcds server specifically for a LAN party. It was pretty easy getting it set up and configured the way I want it. Up until now, I have been joining it by manually entering the server IP in the client.

The problem is that when I select the LAN tab in the client, the server doesn't show up.

I can get to it by entering the IP, and it runs fine. I've even had a remote person join by entering my external IP, and he was able to do that with no problems at all. (ie Port Forwarding is working)

Is there some magic switch I need to push or a button to throw to make the server show up on the LAN list? It would be a bonus if it would show up on the master list, but I can live without that.

Any ideas?
Are you using the -ip argument? If so try removing it ... also maybe try -ip -- Not sure how well that last one will work but I've seen it a few times pop up to fix things for peopel.
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Yes, I *was* using the +ip arg. Removing it seemed to fix me up for detection on the LAN. I'll have to retest to see if the server is still accessible from the internet, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be. Thanks for the prompt (and correct!) answer!!
No problem, glad I could help Big Grin
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