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Port Scanning and SonicWall Hardware Firewall
Hey guys, bought a SonicWall Hardware firewall for my game servers and it works great. Sort of. I'm running a TF2 server and it lag spikes quite frequently. The spike only lasts about 5 seconds, but still enough to be a problem. In the firewall logs it says there was a port scan on some what seem to be common ports from SRCDS. I don't know if these are related, I'm assuming so, but I'm not sure. I removed it from the system for now and I'm running my desktop through it to see if it's the hardware. Doesn't seem to be that way... Any insight is appriciated Big Grin
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Server OS: Doesn't matter
Processor: Doesn't matter
Ram: Doesn't matter
Game(s): TF2 (Mentioned in first post)
Startup Command: Doesn't matter
Admin Mods: Doesn't matter

Full Install Command: Doesn't matter

Bandwidth: Adequate, Doesn't matter
Router: SonicWall
Local IP: Doesn't matter
External IP: Doesn't matter, firewall removed
Port Forwarding: Works fine, Doesn't matter

The problem I'm having is purely network specific. I'm just asking if port scans being dropped would affect the connection to the server. It worked when I had a firewall operating system, that didn't drop port scans, running on a regular computer system. I'm trying to find out if the firewall is damaged or if the port scans being dropped are causing the problem. Nothing to do with the server. At all.
Well.. It could be some masterserver scanning it? I don't really know anything about it. I get portscanned too sometimes, only on the gameservers port (everything else is locked down).
hmm.. it seems like the Sonicwall doesn't like port scans, but i guess it isn't supposed to break the network streams when people port-scans it. Have you checked where those ip-addresses are coming from? It could probably be game-monitor bots and such, or people refreshing the steam serverlist.
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It's hard to tell exactly what the problem because of the limited information. However, it seems is though your firewall is getting hosed down by traffic. You have to play with it and see what settings you can tweet to make it work best. Worst case, remove it.
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