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css server please help :(
And when I install all good, until it writes me this: Checking / Installing 'Base Source Shared Models' version 4.

Server was working but I deleted his files because I tried to do something and the server did not work ..
Before after it wrote to me the 4 Checking / Installing 'Base Source Shared Models' version, it built me ​​another Kbtzinm.
But now it does not install and I've been waiting for two hours and it still does not install the files, I've tried several times at this point it's stuck there and not download the files to delete everything and install everything again and it failed. Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

Thanks in advance ..
Try -verify_all i guess in the install command.
It does not work
My only other suggestion other than Micahel's would be to just install a fresh install and don't delete out the files that messed up the server next time. Toungue
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So how arrange that? : (
In your -dir argument just change it to a different path.
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I could not do something .. Can someone please get the files from the server and let me download? Thanks!
A srcds installation ranges between 1 - 3 gigabytes..
Then there is another solution on how I can resolve this? : (
Delete the folder and re-download?
I have done this fifty times, each time it gets stuck ..
Well.. Ehm... Try to run it as admin? If that doesn't work, i see no other options than re-installing Windows or something like that.
So someone can get me the files that it drops after it says "Checking / Installing 'Base Source Shared Models' version 4." ?

Thanks in advance. Smile
Perhaps some screenshots of what is happening might help, as it seems your going arround in circles.

Please also can you provide the actual command you are using to try and get these files.

There are possibly 10k files needing downloads, and you're going to press each one of them? (compressing with some rar program is going to take years)

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