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Another "How many Players?" Thread
I know we have hundreds already however, since its different for everyone...

BTW, each server it would run would only be 2 players. So how many 2 player servers can I run (I guess 2).

CPU = CORE i5 650 @ 3.20 GHZ
OS = Windows 7
Game = TF2

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Yeh but I cant run 140 slots on 1mb Up.
well with such small servers you will be able to run more than 2 slots per core of course (well ok, if you accept a small degradation of quality). I guess nobody really tried where the limit is, it will be much smaller than the theoretical slot count suggests, as the servers will interfere with each other. I guess you will have to try it out.

also: your connection seems to be a home connection. even if you come only close to the available bandwidth it will probably start lagging and the ping will increase. "close" can even mean something like have of the possible bandwidth. also that you will have to try out. in reality the bandwidth will be your limit. are the numbers in MBits/s or in MBytes/s? (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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1Mbit up will only hold around like ... 10-12 slots maybe? And that will pretty much kill your connection from doing anything else.
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A full 20 slot server send me around 20Kb/s when I was playing at it. (Tested it with net_graph 1). Let's say it would only take half of it, it would still be 100-120Kb/s bandwidth which would precisely consume 100% of his total upload bandwidth = lag
I'd say 8 players, tops. And it's still your home connection which you'll be doing other stuff with in the meantime.

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