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We are currently in the progress of ordering a strong dedicated server.
We are going to host:

-30 slot [css jail server]
-24 slot [css minigame server]
-24 slot [css public server]
-13 slot [css war server]
-24 slot [tf2 public server]

Every server except war server will be pretty crowded.

CPU Core i7 970, 6x 3.2 GHz (HyperThreading)
6x 2 GB DDR3 1066 MHz
2x 1000 GB Samsung SpinPoint F3 Desktop Class (7200 rpm, 32 mb cache)
Brandwith: 4 Terabyte

Is this going to be enough brandwith?

Thx in advance
Yes, MORE than ehough.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO

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