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Problem with mapcycle.txt

I'm trying to edit my mapcycle.txt leaving only 2 maps in it (goldrush and badwater), but once i edit it, i get this error from nextmap.smx

[nextmap.smx] FATAL: Cannot load map cycle. Nextmap not loaded.
[SM] Plugin encountered error 25: Call was aborted
[SM] Native "SetFailState" reported: Mapcycle Not Found
[SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin "nextmap.smx":
[SM]   [0]  Line 138, /home/builds/sourcemod/linux-1.3/build/plugins/nextmap.sp::FindAndSetNextMap()
[SM]   [1]  Line 108, /home/builds/sourcemod/linux-1.3/build/plugins/nextmap.sp::OnConfigsExecuted()
Strangest thig is, that if i don't edit the file, plugins loads without any problems.
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