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server not showing + other things
This has possibly posted many times before... im sorry if this is a n +1th thread

Hello there! ive been trying to get my server up and ready, but when i start the server it displays my DHCP/LAN address.

My internet connection is tricky tho: i have SDSL, with voip landline.

I have many boxes: One is coming from the satellite dish, thats giving the dish power, also an ethernet cable is coming out, leading to a hub/switch, which splits the connection to my landline and one for the router.

tl/dr: my connection is set the following:
satellite --->
ethernet cable --->
hub ---> modem for phone ,m odem for internet

I have tried to connect to the satellite directly, and it worked: i displayed my WAN ip, but its useless, since i dont have landline, and also i wont have interner on my other computer....

I have DHCP on, ports are CORRECTLY forwarded from 1-65535 both TCP and UDP.
Game runs fine, but without the 'connect MYIP' they cannot join me. I would like set my server up so anybody could join.

Tried to disable DHCP and/or set my local ip outside my dhcp range, but i still get lan ip :/
(ip MYIP, sv_lan 0 and heartbeat tested, no dice...)
Any help would be appreciated!

I it possible to set up dedicated server behind a router, so people can join from anywhere?

My friends and I can now see my server if i try to add to favorites, but cannot add, it will not show up in fav list
TL/DR: Yes its possible to set a dedicated server up behind a router, you'll just have to do port forwarding. And I personally wouldn't host anything whatsoever on a satellite connection, but that's just my opinion.
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To be precise, its a microwave connection, with SDSL, 10Mbit line.

Like i said: all ports are correctly forwarded, yet its giving me this headache. You can find it thru the add favorites panel, but cannot add it.

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sv_region 255 (global)
then i changed to
sv_region 3 (europe)

I have to change map at least once after initially starting srcds, otherwise i won't see my server in favorites query.
(But even then my friends and I cannot add the server to our favorites)

Connection to Steam servers successful.
   VAC secure mode is activated.
] status
hostname: ZOMG!
version : 4624 secure  
udp/ip  :
map     : de_aztec at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
sourcetv:  port 27020, delay 10.0s
players : 1 (21 max)

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