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CPU resources
Hi there.

Yep, another can my server run this shizzle topic!

Of course, it's not an exact science, but it can't hurt to get some inquiries before people are lagging out of the server because the server admin was a bit too optimistic.

My server specs:

Intel dual core G6950 (2*2.8 ghz)
Cpu chart:
4 gb ram
Ubuntu 10.04
100 / 100 mbit

Currently running:
40 slots zombie escape

My primary goal is to run a 32+ slots zombie escape server (right now not even sure if that will run lag free when full), but I was wondering if a second (maybe even third?) server is possible.

As I said, the 32+ slots ZE server has priority, right now it's running 40 slots. We haven't had more than 16 players in the server yet, but that was lag free of course. To begin, is 40 slots even possible, or is it better to lock it at 32?

Second question. Right now it isn't running HLstatsX, but that should go online soon. Will this ask much time of the CPU (webserver is on the same server)?

Also, the forum / fastdl will run on the same server, but I guess that won't be a real big problem in terms of cpu usage. If it is, we can easily move them to a separate webserver.

Third question. SRCDS only uses 1 core at the time, so in theory it should be possible to run 2 equally big servers at the same time. What do you think? What is the max for this CPU? For a second server I was thinking of a 32 slots MiniGame server, but 20 slots normal maps / 20 slots (surf) DM are also nice options. I think the minigame would be the heaviest for the CPU, so if the ZE server runs on 1 core, and the smaller server runs on the other core, alongside the webserver, that shouldn't cause any problems (again, in theory).

And after all this, I'd also like to run a TeamSpeak3 server, but I don't think that is going to be a real problem in terms of cpu usage...

To sum up:

Intel dual core 2.8 ghz
Cpu chart:
4gb ram
Ubuntu 10.04
100 / 100 mbit

32 or 40 slots zombie escape server?
Another server possible? (preferably 32 slots MiniGame, otherwise 20 slots normal maps or 20 slots (surf) DM)
Enough room to run a small webserver + HLstatsX for both?
Maybe even a third server?
After all this, a TeamSpeak3 server?
It should manage 32 slot zombie server and another 32 slot server (Once you've had both servers full, see how much resources you have left). I would recommend keeping your game servers and web server separate, web hosting is pretty cheap. As for HLstatsX, I recommend gameME stats, very reasonable.

TeamSpeak 3 will be fine on the game server box.
Clan of Doom:

If you plan on running fairly large slot counts on just a dual core then you'd want as high GHz machine as you can, and 2.8 should be fine for those slots. I would say to expect to have 2 large slot servers like that and maybe a smaller server like a 16 slot or something running as well on the same core.

TeamSpeak 3 is not all that CPU intensive, it just like to chew up bandwidth but its still CPU that otherwise will be probably lost if your trying to get as many slots as you can out of the box.
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Thank you both, I will start experimenting soon! Smile

The plan:
32 slots ZE
32 slots MG
Glad to help Big Grin
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