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How many servers would i be able to run
Hello i own a VPS that has 2 gb ram and 4 cpu cores CentOS 5.5 64 Bit.
since its a VPS im guessing its a quad core xeon processer on the host and i also got 3tb of bandwidth im planning on running 2 gmod servers 1 tf2 and the rest css and im just wondering how many gameservers you guys think id be able to run off that
Well I'm not quite sure how much RAM a gmod server takes but TF2 / CSS both take about 300-500MB each depending on plugins etc. I'd imagine gmod would take quite a bit more ram so I'd say maybe 3-4 at the most.
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gmod also likes to eat your cpu usage more than css and tf2 im gonna try and run 9 servers off this and see how this plays out
lol, most real root servers are at their limits with 9 servers. most VPSes cannot really run one single server with an acceptable quality... try it out, but don't cry if you get severe lags. a VPS is not a root server, it might be well suited for web applications but not for game servers (usually - there are exceptions, but they are rare). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Yea when i get a job im gonna buy a box
And then you somehow lose your job (experienced) and all the hard work goes down the drain.
(07-09-2011, 02:34 AM)michael_sj123 Wrote:  And then you somehow lose your job (experienced) and all the hard work goes down the drain.

I never lost my job im 16 im ive actually been looking for jobs
I see this kind of topic passing by (including mine) a lot, so maybe it's an idea that some "experts" here get together and create a nice sticky with some relevant info on this subject?
Well i'm just saying it is a possibility. I'd never recommend purchasing a dedi and then not being able to pay the bills for it.
Also, there are no info on how many servers you can run on a machine. That's why no stickies.
Most VPS-providers doesn't inform about the mhz/ghz speed of the processor. They can sell 4 core vps'es with 1,2 ghz speed as expensive as 4 core vps'es with 3,4 ghz speeds. Smile
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