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CSS server loading maps
I am with a new company and we had a problem with one of the Counter-Strike Source servers. Pretty much I'm doing this for some ammo in the case of getting money back from the company, i need some advice or opinions.

The server we have has a fresh installation of Steam and Counter-Strike Source Dedicated. I have made no changes to the config and have looked on many sites and forums to find that all the settings should be correct. But the server itself doesnt load the maps in a timely manner. It will end the last map, go to the loading screen like its going to load the next map, and just hang there for anywhere between 15 seconds to 2 minutes. We have tried moving the installation to different boxes they have. Tried fresh installations on different boxes, but we still have the same problem everytime.

Now does this sound like something the company is doing something wrong when they are installing the dedicated or should the settings be checked again or anything else that might be wrong.
that sounds like the box is just strained, map changes load the box the most, so it seems they may just have the box overloaded, or under powered. i know my computer before i optimize the os, the map changes take a long while, but after i make it run a lil better, they load in nothing flat.
It's probably because the servers are putting to much pressure on the server*** and I would get my money back and go for someone else.

*** Meaning the Dedicated Server/Box

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