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My servers appear as lan servers when selecting "View game info"

So for some weeks now i have had network/server issue with my servers. the problem is that when a player from somewhere around the interwebs rightclick on a friend that plays on my server, and select view game info, he gets that the server is not responding and the ip that is shown is the servers local address, not the public.

I think the problem started when i switched to a new router with DD-WRT on it. its pretty standard configure with portforwarding and stuff.

The only thing i have done that i think might be the problem is this:

I used this so i could use my external ip and domain from my internal network.

I actually do not know how to turn it offToungue so i cant check if that is the problem, but im somehow sure it is that way.

Can anyone confirm that this is the problem? or maybe help me figure out what might be the problem.

And if the nat loopback is the problem, can anyone help me turn it off?, and maybe there is a workaround so i still can use domains and external ip from my local network?

thanksBig Grin

Actually the loopback seems to be off.
I can recommend you to switch to OpenWrt. Besides the more frequent updates and the extra features, you can set NAT-Loopback-Settings for every port individually.
If your server is running L4D or L4D2, try playing around with the setting "Enable autodiscovery of LAN-games" in the Options-->Multiplayer menu.

Also it would be interesting to know which router and revision you are using.
I am using a Asus RT-N16 and dd-wrt r16994 brainslayer.

if i do loopback settings per port, will i then have the opertunety to use domain on internal network when i connect to css servers? and the friends will be right?

and im mainly hosting CS:S servers and some 1.6

dd-wrt is based on open-wrt, isnt it? so things u can do there u can do here?Toungue

but, do you think it is possible to have both domain on local and the view server infor to work?

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