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Windows/Server Error?
When I first started out my server, everything was working fine, except that nobody could join. I found out that it was because I didn't open the ports which I just recently found out how to do.

Anyways, now my problem is, whenever I say try to add a bot to the server, or someone tries to join it, I get an error:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: ...eamapps\violent_newbie\source dedicated server\scrds.exe

- pure virtual function call


So if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
Is this the server you download via your steam account or a console version that required a seperate download?
Got it from my steam account.
that was a big problem awhile ago.. hmm. it had to do with mani im pretty sure, does this server have any plugins?
I downloaded the mani admin plugins, but I didn't bother to do anything with them yet.

Edit - Actually, I tried running a zombiehorde on it, that could be it.
yea the zombiehorde could do it.. try with out that..

Console = Heaven Sent =D
guueeyyyyyy lol yea.. console = greatness..
Yeah, I tried without the ZH and it works now, thanks.

Edit- I'd appreciate it even more if you could direct me to where I could get the console version or whatever it was.
well if you go to the tutorial on this site and went down to the starting srcds, it tells you everything you have to put in to run in console.. givin your using the stand alone version, if your not, then you should get the stand alone version using that tutorial

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