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some probably obvious thing I am having trouble with.
well, today I decided to make my own tf2 custom map server. it went perfectly fine (and in fact is up right now) but the maps I chose are refusing to download for people that don't have them, which will make a lot of people leave, rather than go through the trouble of downloading them. I thought converting them into a .zip file and putting them on a file hosting website would work, to no avail. now I just get the error message "couldn't CRC map *insert map name here*, disconnecting"

I am probably making a huge n00b mistake here, but what do I do?

for reference:

server ip:

map files:
Check the names of the maps on the server and what is on the file server, these maps have to be EXACTLY the same, words, size, same map exactly otherwise it will not work.
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yup, everything is exactly the same on everything, and it still gives me the same error.

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