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cant get srcds server to run anything but basic server.
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 6 core 3.2 GHz
8gb ram
Team Fortress 2
Y:\tf2\orangebox\srcds.exe -game tf -console +exec server.cfg +maxplayers 24 +map pl_badwater
no mods yet, thats what i am trying to do.

so i followed several tutorials to make the initial server and it worked great.
where i ran into issues was installing source metamod and sourcemod so i can use Mani admin tools to do custom sound and the like.

i install the plugins exactly as they specify to install but when i run the server it crashes after trying to start up. i even did the "gmae info .txt" method of installing metamod and still no dice.

i have never worked with this type of thing before so sorry in advance for any "noob" questions etc...

any help would be great. thanks much

What versions of SM and MM are you trying to install. The older versions will crash the servers but the new versions should work.
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i downloaded the newest versions i could find.
Are you still using the downloaded special gametype.txt? If so you shouldn't need that any longer, you should just use the files that come straight from MM and SM
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i dont think i am. i should be using all the new stuff. but as a precaution i will delete everything and start again just to see if it helps

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