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I've edited the mapcycle.txt
And have added bots with diff of 2. Yet I zone in and it loads a ctf map (which is not on list)..

How do I fix this? I read bots only work on certain maps, found them and made sure they were the only ones on the mapcycle.
Try to edit them out of the maplist. And reboot the server if you haven't done it yet.
I deleted all the maps already and did this with the TF server down. Shall I restarted the actual server box?
I also have this to show:
Just wondering why after restarting and changing doesn't do a map cycle....I mean no ctf is on the list yet it first loads a ctf.
Maybe you have your mapcycle.txt file misplaced in the wrong folder? I also assume your not using the +map to force to start to a ctf map right?
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