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Best D-Link Router?
So my di-524 a pos, and i need to know. What d-link router have you used and had the best results with?
I've previuosly had a DI-624 but that one had some serious problem with dynamic NAT translation that changed the visible srcds port from 27015 to 63xxx something. And everytime I restarted srcds it changed to another port so it wouldnt stay the same making it impossible for users to add the server to favorites since the next time the server was restarted it would not respond any more.

So my suggestion is NOT to use DI-624.
thats what his di-524 did as well
But then i fixed it yay yay yay> If you still have that di-624 downgrade the firmware, worked for me
Forget D-Link....

Go netgear! Got myself a MIMO G netgear router and it is simply awesome.
lol yea.. i have heard nothing but bad about d-link.. myself i have all linksys.. and its pretty stable for all the nonsense i use it for.. even the one time i transfered 160 Gb at once.. stable for the whole like hour (i think) it took. lol.
I have the D-Link DGL-4000, and I love it. It's the gamerlounge one, and it offers a lot of nice stuff that gears your bandwidth to gaming.
Every time you buy a D-Link god kills a kitten, locks an innocent man in prison, and gives him penis cancer. Please, think of the kittens :|
Well not to bash any of the equipment (ya i have both d-link and linksys stuff) I am just a netgear wh0re Toungue

Plus I have had least issues with it, both linksys and d-link have failed on my before, but Netgear has lasted the entire time and I recomend them a lot.
Rolleyes linksys has faild on you.. oh no. dude i love linksys, i use the crap out of what i have, and have for years, never once faild me. not even the wireless part, which i have only had that for like the past 6 months. only bad thing about there wireless is that at first i had a wireless pc card on a windows 98 machine, and it never liked to work right on that. but ever since i swaped that computer out for a new one with xp pro it has worked just fine. so psh, linksys is like the only thing imma buy, although there switches are better then there routers Big Grin

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