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srcds error
Woooow I've been trying to do a counter strike source dedicated server ALL DAMN DAY, i googled searched this forum and CAN'T FIND A THING!

Okay now let me explain my DAMN problem

Okay, so i just got done setting up everything for it, hl2 files, orange box files EVERYTHING is set.
So i was told once thats all done, to go into orange box and open srcds, nothing showed up, so i was like "EHHHH DANGIT"
so i tryed setting it up through a command prompt AND run
When i entered my server information OR if i double clicked the srcds outside of the orangebox folder i get this STUPID ERROR EVERY DAMN TIME >:o

Cannot find procedure start address SteamAPI_getSteaminstallPath in DLL steam_api-dll.
I click OK


Failed to Load the launcher DLL:
The specified procedure could not be found.

So by now I am right about ready to punch myself in the jaw

Please HELP
Are you running Steam and srcds on the same computer? Try installing the server on another computer and see if that will work. I'm not quite sure what would exactly cause your issue.
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Yeah the server works on an another computer, but i want it on my computer >:C

i had a server on this computer before
Have you tried closing steam completely and rebooting your PC. That may help, maybe also trying to completely reinstall Steam and delete your blob files.
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I tried to close steam completely and reboot my pc but it didnt work :C. And I also tried to reinstall steam but it didnt work.

i had a server om my computer maybe a years ago, the only thing i changed with my pc is that i bought a extra 1TB hard Drive.

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