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Server Keeps Restarting when ending server Process with "top" [Resolved]
Hey guys can you help me out my linux OS is Centos 5.5 64 bit. and my problem is i dont know how to stop my server i start my server with a shell script called and i launched the shell script with "./" and it said it started my server and it did so i joined everything went ok until it came to stopping the server since im knew to linux i thought i could end my server in the process menu so i typed "top" and i Killed my server in top and about 10 secs later my server starts up again so im wondering how am i able to stop my server. and also my server is not on a root account its on a sub account

Resolved: When you get done starting your server do CTRL +A +D (Gotta have screen installed thoa) then type top and kill the screen command and it completely ends SRCDS
Uh... Just for the information purpose of this, just go to "screen -x srcds/whaterver" and press CTRL-C. Hard way always works Smile
oh ok thanks my way is kinda hard +1 Rep for u

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