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SRCDS - How many servers per machine?

I live in Brazil, and in my area there are few clanservers providers, and the few that exists, are either too bad or too expensive.

So I was thinking of starting my own provider, I was wondering what kind of computer hardware I would need, and how many servers can I run per machine.

Also, what would be the recommended bandwitch for each server, with 14 slots and 33 tickrate?

If somebody could answer those questions I'd be grateful.
Not sure on the hardware. But its about 64k UPLOAD per player. So a 14 man would need min 768up
hmm.. you want to start your own provider? do you know anything about running a server? or how you would allow access to "clients" for there server, if they rent it ou.. but, hardware wise... dual xeon or dual opteron would probly be the best (don't know like anything about amd..) but atleast like a intel 3.2 or higher (not any celeron bs) and as far as per machine.. that depends on the machine, and the upload.if you are wanting to do this from your house, you will have to have one hell of an upload =)
I don't know much about servers, actually. But i'm a fast learner Big Grin

The fact is, there are few server providers here, and I want to make a business out of it.

My father's friend has an ISP and I'd use a Internet link of his.

SO, bandwitch would not be a limitation, hardware could be though.
lol.. most gsp's have there servers in datacenters, with ups systems, in case of power outage, and tons of security. and plus datacenters are usually direct connct to internet backbone, allowing for better pings. although if this guy could hook you up with like a gig per sec backbone connection, that would be totally fucking sweet, i might just want to move to brazil after that =). but in any event, the more bandwidth the better, the less hops from a clients computer, to the server the better (hence the backbone connection is best)and the better the computer the better. i don't know about in brazil, but i know here in the stats you can order from newegg, and you could probly get a dual xeon for about 500 bucks.. maybe? the xeon cpu is kinda costly by itself, but it would probly be under a grand. you just have to know how to manage the system. you better do a lot of research before you jump into this... like finding a good control panel.

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