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I know my score sucks, i normally keep my 2 kd ratio. But check this out. This server is being run on a Althon Semprom 2500+ 512 DDR-400 and 350 up. Im playing css on the same box! With no lag. Made me crap my pants.
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::gasp::.. lol.. i used to do that forever on mine.. but got tired of every time i restarted my computer.. the server went down, so i built another computer from spare parts around my basement =)
Lol, but the thing is that I never turn off my computer lol
I think the best thing about this is that my server and the computer that I play on are on Wireless net! Sry for the double post.
eh, i hate wireless.. i have 3 computers at my house on it.. bleh. and i have 7 other computers that never see the off status.. lol. i use all my computers every day, so kind of pointless to turn them off, actually i have heard its harder on them.. all the temperature changes and stuff.
Holy crap, 7 comps in one place lol. Thats alot. But im a pro at networking so i have "optimized" my network. I havent been disconnected in like 3 months. And the last time it was a problem with comcast.
pro.. lol. i don't have problems with it.. its just max wireless is 54mb per second.. and thats too slow for me. i would rather 100mb with a line =) and actually thats 10.. the 3 on wireless aren't mine. and i have never been "down". and i have everything running on a domain controller.
I used to have problems with my d-link router and my linksys network card, then i got the reccommended d-link and no problems.

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