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Please help
Hey so in my server my money is untouchable. I can't pick it up, move it, or anything. Also I'd like to know how to delete a job in darkrp, I have an unwanted job. Thanks for any help in advance

EDIT: Also whenever i get on my server it says: "Counter:Strike Source is incorrectly installed! You need it for DarkRP to work." Need help with that and people cant join my server.... many problems.. thanks
Please can someone help me with this!
Install Counter Strike Source content.

Install it to the Orangebox directory.

So pretty much run the hldsupdatetool on the same directory except for "Counter-Strike Source" instead of garrysmod.
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Got the cstrike, but i cant select my wiremod tools and people can connect with my IP, i would still also like to know how to delete and add jobs. Thanks

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