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[Resolved] NeoTokyo Server! Entry point not found
Hey guys, I have another issue. This time like nothing before.
I went to make a neotokyo server to put on a server tower I built and I went to use hldsupdatetool and for some reason neotokyo wasnt on the update list anymore. So I just updated for hl2dm and downloaded all the NT server files and patches. I put them all together correctly and set up the SRCDS shortcut to launch the server and I get an error...

** I have no addons at all installed.

[Image: NTERROR2.png]

[Image: NTERROR1.png]
[Image: 907664021.png]
hl2mp is on the orangebox engine. Neotokyo runs on the gold engine. Soooo if you use a game that still uses the gold engine like insurgency it all works out! Big GrinD
[Image: 907664021.png]

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