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Recovering Kernel .config
HI all.
I am using debian 5.
A few days ago i deleted from /boot the standard kernel .config file.Now,when i want to compile a new kernel the compilation takes only ~ 5-10 minutes and after it's done, the kernel won't boot beacause it's missing some modules (network).I don't know what to enable in the new kernel to make it work,so i'm asking if there's any chance to recover my standard .config file again ?
Maybie upgrading to debian 6 will help ? Because normaly the upgrade should create the latest debian kernel ( 2.6.32 amd64 ) with a good config file that i can use in further kernel compilations.
you could ask someone running debian 5 and the same kernel to send you the config (they are all the same on all systems). or you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the kernel, but I am not sure if apt let you do this easily (you might have to force it, which might be dangerous).

also you could try this:
to create your own config just working. there is not much magic to the kernel config, you just need to find the drivers appropriate for your hardware and enable them. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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