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Bandwith and rates help?
A Maxrate of 9999,running 66 tickrate and 66 maxupdaterate how many players can I hold with this connection? The server is an Intel E5400 with 4 gigs of ram on Windows 7 64bit Premium.I remember a few years ago seeing a wiki about rates but I forgot now where it is.It's been before the orange box came out since I've run a server from home.Thanks in advanceSmile

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You can't hold 5 players without lag...
I was running 8 players plus me on the lan without lag on .50kbs upload speed a few years ago with a 9999 maxrate if I remember correctly.I now get close to .90kbs normally.
Did the Orange box engine increase the bandwidth requirements?Or maybe I was running a maxupdaterate of 30 perhaps...Hmmm...

If possible Perhaps you could recommend a rate config for me where I could have 8 players total with no lag? Or link me to a rates and bandwidth guide?
Thank you sir.
Well, i believe it has changed. I don't know. I'm just "re-telling" what the people on this forum told me when i was going to host 12 players on a same line.
You may be able to host 8 slots with that rate, however, I can tell you the reg, and latency is going to be crap.
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Alright then even if I could do 3v3 would be fine then.Just for my son and I wanting to invite a couple of friends in to play.I actually rent a server in Tampa bay from a company I won't name because I don't know the rules about that here but we live in Brazil so we ping like 210 each over there.I'm on the waiting list for a server in the Sao Paulo database from a company in the United States because a standard server from Brazilian companies are rediculously expensive :/.
Well... You can probably host 2 players on it without lag.. If that's to any comfort. But the hitreg and latency is as stated above crap..

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