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Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Server wont work from LAN?
I'm running an l4d2 dedi on a windows PC. Everything basic is working, players can connect, performs just fine, etc.

However, i play from the same LAN as my server. this works just fine until i want to create a lobby and be the one to start the game.

Then, it sends all the players in the lobby my INTERNAL IP, as opposed to my external. This makes all of them timeout. I've never had this issue with games before now.

I've tried disabling "Automatically Detect LAN games" in l4d2 client, i've tried messing with my router's loopback options (none seem to work), and i've set mm_dedicated_force_servers to my internal IP and external IP with no difference.

Last time i made this topic, people said it was impossible to get it to work. I dont believe that, because this DID work on my old router. When i changed routers and got back into running the server, i couldn't get it to work. :/
You'd have to connect through your external IP. Go to "" or a similar website, get your external IP and server port, then type connect <server IP:port> in console. That way, you can connect externally.

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