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few people can join gmod server
so i made a server everything is working but my server ip keeps changing and few people can join but few cant? any body help please
Well, get a No-IP hostname and use that instead of the real ip that keeps changing. I dunno if any games translates them or if it's dynamic
whats a no ip hostname
It's a dynamic hostname. Like, on the internet you've got records (e.g, etc..) and they all translate to an ip-address which then the machine which is serving the webpage runs at, but when you've got a dynamice IP that ip changes the whole time and you have to update that record with the new ip. No-IP updates it automatically so you don't have to worry about it.
oh but i just want it to where anyone can join if you can i tried to talk to loopy man he sent me here
ill try that though thank you
Well you typed that your ip keeps changing..
The only real way would be to request a static IP address from your ISP.

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