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Server not in server browser
I guess this is a topic that has been asked hundreds of times before, I have looked like crazy and still haven't got it to work.

My problem is simply that my server doesn't show up in the main server browser but can be connected to if you know the IP.

I'm running a CS:Source dedicated server on a Windows 2003 server platform. The server is placed behind a Netgear WGT624 v3 router. The router is configured with the following incomming port forwarding to the server:
UPD port 1200
UPD port 27000-27014
TCP/UPD port 27015
UPD port 27020
UPD port 27030-27039

My command for running the server looks like this:
srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -heapsize 524288 +maxplayers 16 +fps_max 600 +map de_dust -tickrate 50 -noipx -secure -nohltv -autoupdate

In server.cfg i have set the following:
IP (my external ip)
sv_lan 0
sv_region 3 (for europe)

Any suggestions very welcome!
ok you do have sv_region set so it should show up....

Remove the..
-secure -nohltv -autoupdate and -noipx

all are uneeded because....

*servers are automatically in secure mode
*servers use srctv, and that requres cvars to *turn it on* so it is always off by default
*windows servers cannot autoupdate ATM, if ever
*and I have no idea if that noipx is a startup item, so I would get rid of that.
ok, i've done what you suggested, still unable to see the server in the server browser. Maybe it's only visible from the outside. Could you test to see if it is visible in browser for you (not just when added to favorites)?

Name: SWE-JustStarted
you probly won't be able to see it on the master list if your on the same lan. routers don't like seeing signals they just sent out returned. a lot of routers will just drop the signal.
#5 can see it

And while I could not find it in the server browser (way too many and it was still loading servers after 1-2 minutes) I could see it in my favorites.

OK, in game-monitor it is visible (btw, changed name to SWE-Just4Fun) but none of my friends is able to see it in the ingame server browser? I guess that when searching for IP in game-monitor it goes directly towards my computer and checks if server is up and not gathering the information from steam master servers. So how does the steam master servers actually work, in other words why isn't my server showing up when I've done all that should be necessary?
Game monitor pulls a list of servers from the steam masterlist, so for it to be on game monitor it must be on the steam list Gaming Servers
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Ok, thats good I guess, but still when we tested last evening my friend was unable to see the server in the server browser, and at the same time it showed up at game-monitor. Can anyone else see it in the ingame server browser? The name is "SWE-Just4Fun" (without quotation marks).

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