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uhhhhhhh I'm clueless
I am a total noob and im probally about to make the most noobish post ever. Anyway I download the updatetool and put it in a folder a I made on the desktop called srcds. Then I did start, run , cmd and the command prompt opened. I typed "C:" like it said and got a error (c is not recognized as a internal or external comand.) I decided to keep trying to go on. I typed cd \srcds and got another error (Cannot find the path specified.) So I decided I should try the last thing it said I typed hldsupdatetool and got another error (access denied.)What am I doing wrong? PLease help.
lol you have have to put in cd "directory to where you put the update tool" move the folder to the c: root. so open my computer, and click the c drive, and move the folder there.. and it should work. and just type in the cmd prompt "cd c:\srcds" because it will problyalready be on c:\blah blah bnlah blah.. and it should work after that.
Thanks, that worked!!!

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