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srcds watchdog alternative.
I have a garrysmod server running on windows server 2008

Intel core i7 elite
24gb ram

Unfortunatley which many users appear to suffer with.

My srcds does crash.

So I am using srcds watchdog but it appears useless to me.

If the srcds.exe crashes it gives back the windows error

"srcds.exe is not responding"

"Check for solutuion"

"Close program"

Because of that my server won't auto restart and the crashes unfortunatley happen when I am a sleep so my GMT- 6 community members can rarely play.

Is there anyway of fixing this or is there something better then watchdog that will restart even if the "srcds.exe is not responding"

error appears.

Turn off error reporting.
(06-06-2011, 12:13 AM)coach Wrote:  Turn off error reporting.

How do I do that?
Fixed it thank you!
Did turning off error reporting work? Is that how you fixed it?

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