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Compression and HTTP maps
Ok, I know the command to zip up the maps and compress them is:

bzip2 -z -9 mapname.bsp

Now I also want to know what other files should I zip up with them? Please give an example of map and the files needed.

Now, how do I make it download from HTTP? Do I, on my site, make a folder with all the compressed maps in there and then just in the ser ver.cfg file put the "http download command 'map locations'"

So the download command would be whatever I am supposed to put, I used to know but forgot, and then the map locations would be right?

Thanks for all the help guys!
try the infamous DarkZealot89 guide to sv_downloadurl!

and for compression...

both posts are very helpful to many, many server admins
Thank you very much. I am not a n00b with servers so I will probably find it very easy. You are the only person to help me. Smile

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