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Problem with internet when srcds.exe is running

Server OS: Win 7 32
Processor: AMD 3800+ X2
Ram: 2 GB
Game(s): L4D2
C:\Users\Public\L4D2\left4dead2\srcds.exe -console -game left4dead2 +hostip -ip +hostport 27015 -nohltv +exec server.cfg +map bloodtracks_01.bsp


Bandwidth: 60mpbs/11mpbs
Router: WNR1000 wired
Local IP of Server:
External IP:
Port Forwarding Screen Shot: [Image: pHj3x.png]

I've had a few srcds servers hosted locally in the past with no problems. This is a weird problem. When srcds.exe is running, I get intermittent issues with the internet. Websites will not load or time out. A moment later, the website loads. It's very random. This happens to all computers on my network. Another example, I did a search on Bing and everylink would just time out. I host my own website as well. None of my pages would load until I closed down the port.

As soon as I close the srcds port on my router, everything returns to normal. I can surf the internet again. I have tried running srcds.exe on 2 different computers with different ports.

I have no other conflicts with other services I am running:
Windows Media Services

What is your residential gateway? (Modem) I would assume a coax medium based on your reported speeds.

If possible try a
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I just wanted to update my condition. I'm still having the problem with l4d2.

I decided to host a tf2 server (now that it's free). I thought i would have the same issues. That's not the case. I have no problems with hosting a tf2 server. My internet is normal.

So, i decided to fire up the l4d2 server again. When I start srcds, i started to get the internet problems again. As soon as I close the port to the l4d2 server, my internet problems go away.
Try opening a range of ports 27000-27050 and see if that helps.
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