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Disable SourceTV
Hello Smile

How can I disable SouceTV i StartUp command, so people can't use tv_enable 1? Because when I put tv_enable 0 i my server.cfg, they just type tv_enable 1, changelevel, and SourceTV is on.

Any help, thanks? Big Grin

Just add +tv_enable 0 on your startup command line Wink That will force the sourcetv to stay off, even if you turn on tv_enable 1 on server.cfg
Wrong. + at the startline are config values and can be overwritten.

One look at the valve wiki:

Will show you following:
Disables all SourceTV features on this game server.
SourceTV can only serve one client and can't be used as relay proxy.
Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download

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